My studio is at Estate of the Arts in Bedminster, Bristol, an industrial yard in the middle of a transformation into a creative hub, with artists and animators and dressmakers and carpenters.

I love to travel, and since studying illustration at Falmouth I have lived and worked in different parts of the world. In Brooklyn I interned with Ugly Duckling Presse, an eccentric poetry press, where I letterpressed my illustrations for Callie Garnett's book Hallelujah I'm a Bum using a Heidelberg Windmill Press. I also interned with Enchanted Lion Books, a publisher of unusual children's books. In Morocco I made a very large unwieldy map of Taghazout for a surf hostel, which never saw the light of day, but I spent Eid with a family in an oasis village near Ouarzazate. Last summer I learned to paint at Los Artistas del Cortijo residency near Granada in Spain, with the BoonRig Studio in their huge green removals truck among olive groves and stray dogs and hot sulphurous pools. Now I live in my van, where a woodburner keeps me almost warm and I can park where I like each night.

My favourite thing is people and the things we do. I work as the in-house illustrator for online magazine Catapult.co, which also loves people and their life stories, so it's a good fit. My first book, The Girl's Guide to Personal Hygiene, out 13 February 2018, is an uncovering of feminine bodily secrets - glorious for the nosy, horrifying for the prudes.

Some of my prints and bowls are available at The Little Shop in Bristol.

You can read more in this interview with Together and Sunspell.

For all enquiries, email tpomeroy@live.co.uk


Image credit Together & Sunspell